How the Boho Berry Box Works

Signing up for the Boho Berry Box will ensure you receive exclusive, subscriber-only inserts crafted by Boho Berry herself, an array of planning products from popular brands, and (most importantly) a sense of community with your our fellow creative journaling tribe.

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Get Organized!

The Boho Berry Box was created to help our fellow planner enthusiasts excel in goal-setting and help them find balance between creativity and organization. We're a tribe of truth-seekers on a constant mission to improve our daily lives. Like Boho Berry's blog, this creative journaling subscription box will revolve around three main themes: live better, achieve your goals and the amazing creative journaling system.

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Each box contains a tracker and planner stickers, plus a mix of products such as stickers, stationery, pens, pencils, markers, and other goodies from our favorite creative journaling brands.. 

Orders renew the 7th of every month and ship by the 23rd. Skip any month as needed. It's time to pencil in the Boho Berry Box on your calendar!